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I discovered the wonderful world of podcasts about 6 years ago. Since then I have consumed hours and hours of free, valuable, educational, entertaining content. It always amazes me how much you can learn for free online. It’s probably the reason your here reading this right now! So, I thought I’d take the liberty of compiling a list of the top 10 recording/mixing related podcasts that I’ve enjoyed over the last year. Here we go…

1. Pensado’s Place (Video)

This is my absolute favourite podcast at the moment! This show gives us an unprecedented look into the workflow, techniques and philosophies of the some of the worlds greatest audio engineers! Long gone are the days when you needed to make the coffee and order the pizza for two years to get a look over the engineers shoulder in the hopes that you will learn something about audio engineering! If you are an audio enthusiast and you do not watch this show, you’re doing yourself a dis-service.


2. Inside Home Recording

I’ve been a listener of this show for years now. Packed full of juicy content and interesting guests (I had the good fortune of being one of those guests on episode 92. Check it out!). This is, to my knowledge, the longest running Home Recording related podcast on the net!


3. Ronan’s Recording Show (Video)

Ronan seemingly came out of nowhere with this awesome show! This is another example of a show that takes you inside the engineers studio and head-space and I highly recommend. Ronnan has worked on some big name productions and is a veteran of the art.


4. Sessions With Slau

This show started off as a segment on the Project Studio Network podcast. It was always a pleasure when Slau joined the conversation so I was excited when I discovered Slau was “going solo” with his own show. My only complaint… We need more Slau!


5. Simply Recording

This is one of the newest shows on the scene. This show is a collaboration between two of my favourite educators in the home recording blogosphere. Joe Gilder of the Home Studio Corner and Graham Cochrane of the Recording Revolution have teamed up to give us all even more home recording related goodness from their years of experience in the field.


6. Mix Coach

I only recently stumbled upon the Mix Coach podcast. In fact, I learned about Kevin from Joe Gilder (mentioned above). With great quality, short episodes, it’s an easy to digest, suggestion packed show!


7. The Project Studio Network

The almighty PSN! How we miss you! Although Big Al and Mike are no longer producing this show, it is well worth the time spent listening to each and every back episode of this informative, funny and well produced show. You will definitely leave the experience better off than before!


8. The Home Recording Show

This is another show I’ve listened to forever! These guys have a refreshing, informal and conversational tone. A lot of good humour and great information. Guys, how come you never call me anymore?


9. The Recording Lounge

Kendal O from the Recording Lounge provides some great tips and tricks that you’ll find useful. This is another one of my more recent discoveries.


10. TechMuze!

Of course, what would a “top 10 list of recording related podcasts” be if it didn’t include the most amazing show ever! I’m only kinda kidding! For those who may not know, TechMuze is my show and I’m so grateful for the listeners who have stepped forward and made themselves known! Without that I feel like I’m just talking to myself!


So, there you have it! Subscribe to ALL of these shows and become educated! If you know of other resources such as these, PLEASE let us know. Comment under this post and spread the love around! Also, if you are a TechMuze listener, leave me a review in iTunes (it helps with my self esteem!).


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