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A little philosophical rant this week on TechMuze! In this Google/Youtube world we live in it’s become increasingly easy to learn almost anything you might ever need to know. My advice is to take advantage of this fact and expand your skill set to encompass every aspect of, not only your personal craft, but everything that relates to your craft. Now, I’m not suggesting you spend every waking hour studying but as you encounter issues in your production workflow treat that as another opportunity to learn something new and to add another tool to your toolbox (so to speak).


Also this week, an ear training session focused on the attack control of the compressor. What does it do? What does it sound like?


Finally, is LIVE! Enroll today in the webs most thorough and methodical step-by-step course on modern in-the-box mixing. Complete with downloadable session files and exercises for you to import into your own studio to practice with and hone your mix chops. Join a community of helpful members with big brains to pick and accelerate your learning curve considerably! I’ll see you in the member forums!

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