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One of the services that is offered here at The TechMuze Academy is Custom MixLessons. This is where you send me your session files, I do a complete mix for you AND I create a custom video walk-through of my entire thought process that resulted in the final mix.

Well, today I’ve decided to give you an example of how this all works. This is a session that was sent to me by a TechMuze community member named Valerio Perinelli. It was a self produced recording of a cover of Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls. The tracks were well recorded but the rough mix needed some work. So, I imported the files and gave it a once over.

If you would like me to mix your tracks and think you would benefit from a custom MixLesson to help you get better results in the future, check out the TechMuze Academy Mixing Services page to explore your options.


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