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home-recording-studio-equipment-listAs someone who has spent years managing the recording department of Canada’s largest music store, You can imagine that I’ve been asked MANY times “What do I absolutely need to get great sounds in my home studio?” or “How can I get the best bang for my buck within this budget?”.

I thought I’d take some time today to give you some perspective on the essential gear needed to produce professional sounding recordings from home. It’s cheaper than you might think to outfit yourself with the necessary tools!

You see, because of massive advances in technology, even the “cheap” gear is pretty damn good! However, if you do have a more flexible budget, I’ll give you some guidance on how best to spend that cash. I’ll explain where the “leverage points” of your system are and how to avoid getting sucked into marketing hype.

One thing to remember though: No amount of gear will improve your actual skill level! Don’t forget to upgrade your “neck-top computer” as well!

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