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Production Club 2.0 The production club is an all-inclusive, in-depth online training course, where you will walk with Joe through the entire recording process. He will record an entire song from start to finish. From song idea to finished, mastered recording, ready to be sold (or shared with your mom).And over a jammed packed 19 weeks, you’ll be right there, following along the entire time!



Understanding EQ EQ can be a frustrating process to learn and understand completely. In this tutorial series, I teach you how to become confident in your ability to EQ anything.



Understanding Compression Compression was a big mystery to me when I first started recording. It took me a long time (and lots of hours) before I felt comfortable using it. In this series, I teach YOU how to become comfortable with compression (in much less time than it took me).



Understanding Editing Editing is one of those skills that can be difficult to learn. It’s essentially the process of taking your recorded tracks and polishing them, getting them ready for mixing. In these videos (over 3 hours), I explain to you the nuts and bolts of editing audio, everything from removing unwanted pops and clicks from a vocal track to pocketing bass, guitar, and drums. It took me years to learn how to do this efficiently. Now I’ve condensed all that information down into a single tutorial series.



Understanding Your Room Your room is lying to you. Understanding Your Room gives you 6 hours of training on room acoustics and acoustic treatment. Without a properly treated room, your chances of making great-sounding recordings are shot.




Bluehost – This is my preferred web hosting service. All of my websites are hosted with BlueHost and I have never had a single issue with the service. You can have unlimited domains on a single account! This means you pay once and you host as many unique websites as you wish. The cost is cheap and the control panel interface is excellent! (No need for an FTP client to upload files) Also, they have a “one click” wordpress instal feature. This makes it very easy for the unexperienced to get started



Hover – Hover is a domain registrar. Their simple and clean interface makes it very easy to search for available domain names and their prices include domain privacy (normally an extra $10 or so). Visit Hover through this link and get 10% off your domain name!



WooThemes – A great source for both free and premium wordpress themes. If you’re not a web designer but want to up your game, this is a great place to look!



Theme Forest – A collection of high quality wordpress themes for any type of website.



Aweber – This is the ultimate email list management service! As well as managing your lists and generating the extremely valuable opt-in forms for your website, Aweber allows you to setup email “auto responders” to automate the process of building relationships with your fans by providing them with valuable content that “drips” out over a long period of time. THIS IS A MUST HAVE! Watch the video below to learn more.



99 Designs – is the premier marketplace for crowdsourced graphic design! If you need a business logo, a website design, business cards or any other graphic for your business, get the crowd to help! Watch the video to see what I mean.



SNAP – Establish your content pipelines to automatically syndicate your content to your entire social network.



Review Engine – The Social Review Engine is a powerful and feature rich website and product reviews plugin built for WordPress powered blogs. Simple to use, easy to setup, and installs in minutes.  An Instant Review solution which can provide Rich Snippet Microformat SEO Optimized Reviews or Testimonials with Social Media Integration which can power a massive increase in Search Engine Rank and Social Traffic. Need More Traffic?  Want MASSIVE social proof? More Sales? What Are You Waiting for?



TT Dynamic Range Meter A super convenient meter for keeping track of you mix’s dynamic range. 32 bit only.



Bricasti M7 Impulse Responses Samplicity has created a new Impulse Response Library, using the immensely popular and highly acclaimed Bricasti M7 reverb unit. This is a $5000 reverb unit used by many pros to create lush spaces for your mixes.



Download and import these impulse responses into your favourite convolution reverb plugin. Enjoy!