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This is a quick review of my absolute favourite EQ plug-in. It’s the Neve designed portico 5033.

I also like to share with you a way to get it for over $400 off the regular price!

Neve Portico 5033 Parametric Equalizer

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Hello again! Dezz Asante from I wanted to lend you all a very quick tip today on a plugin that I’m absolutely crazy about. One of my favorite plugins (eq plugins) that I’ve ever tried is one of the new Neve portico emulations that Steinberg has released recently. Let me take a second and show you that. This is it here.

I had an opportunity to demo this plugin and was absolutely stunned by the musicality and the “can”t go wrongness” of this plugin! This is one of those plugins that you can pick a band, boost it right to the ceiling, sweep it left to right and it never sounds bad. It may sound more or less musically appropriate, but it never actually sounds bad.

This is again, an emulation of the Rupert Neve 5033 as you can see here. The plugin is a parametric eq and they do offer a demo if you happen to have a Steinberg e-licenser key is which is like an iLock that you can store the authorization on. The one problem with this particular plugin, as  amazing as it sounds is this right here, which is the price tag. This is 500 dollars US for one eq plugin. This is cost prohibitive to me and I imagine to most of you watching me speak to you right now.

So what I did discover is another plugin, by another DSP coder, the company is called DDMF. Now this is also an emulation of the exact same Neve designed eq and this sounds equally amazing, equally impressive. And the nice thing about this one… 39 dollars (as oppose to 499 US). They offer a demo that does not require an iLock or any kind of hardware dongle.   It just puts periodic burst of white noise and it does not recall the plugin settings when you relaunch the project but it gives you an opportunity to download and try this out on your own DAW on your own sources and see for yourself what I’m talking about.

So DDMF, the plugin is called, what it is called, the 6144 from DDMF. Go get it today! 39 bucks can’t go wrong. And we’ll see you next time!

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