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Multi-Dimensional Mixing

Learn the secrets to creating a rich, 3 dimensional soundstage in your mixes!

What Our Students Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our students do the talking!

“Dezz, these video’s are outstanding! As a matter of fact, I have learned more from these & your other video’s than from any of the source on the internet. I think that speaks volumes for your ability as an instructor, engineer & your ability to help understand the mixing process. You have my personal thanks!”


“Since I’ve been a member of the TechMuze Academy I’ve had the inspiration to mix the songs I recorded. Especially the lessons about the mix of “Lovin’ me” have really given me the tools I was looking for. The workflow tips were useful because normally I just started and was soon lost. But now there is structure, logical steps and separation of phases. It doesn’t sound that difficult but it made a huge difference! My plan is to mix the ten songs I have written and recorded, let them be mastered by a specialist and bring it out. Who knows what will happen! So, thanks again! I can honestly say that has changed my life. Yes indeed.”


“It has been AWSOME working with you step by step on these great songs. I have learned a lot from it and am well pleased with the countless amounts of great information that you have provided. Looking forward to the next series in the MixLessons journey. Great Job!!”


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