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Interleaved stereo audio files

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    Hello Dezz! Brand new to mixing, and to TechMuze. Logic Pro X user.

    Currently on Week 2 of the program. I’m importing the audio files into a session in Logic. For some reason, the panned mono files (OHl, OHr, RMl, RMr) are being imported into Logic as a single stereo file and placed into a single interleaved stereo track. Also, as soon as come back to the folder in Finder, there are some newly created stereo files labeled as OH & RM.
    How can I avoid this from happening? I want to replicate the session as close as possible to the way you have it on the video.


    Dezz Asante

    Hey Juan,
    I’m not a Logic user and I’m not sure why they are importing in stereo but this video might help:


    Thank you Dezz!

    Dezz Asante

    No problem!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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