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Yes, it’s my third completed song, but I try to watch many tutorials in order to get better. Thank you!!!
I tried to upload a screenshot but when I pressed the img it asks me for URL link.

I worked on the original song, because the accapellas I found were not good quality and I also had problems with warping them. I added Percussion (the hihats were samples cause I’m not very good at making drums yet), the kicks I put them myself one by one, as well as the snares, claps the electro-toms. I also added some effects like impacts and risers, which were also samples.

The synths I made them one by one, with midi, using Serum. it wasn’t very hard since I play the piano. I identified the key of the song and I just constructed over it. the same goes for the Basses and Subs.

For the vocal chops on the drop, I cut some vocal sounds from the chorus of the accapella (Like As and Es), and I transposed the key in order to create a melody. This is it mainly regarding how I made the song.

However, I would appreciate if you provided me a feedback for the mixing. I asked some friends and one said the hihats are a little bit too loud. any other observations or advice would be really welcome.

Thank you!