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Today we answer a simple question about USB MIDI interfaces. Will your new midi device play nicely with your audio hardware?

Also, some awesome feedback from a subscriber!

USB Midi Interfaces

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Hello again! Dezz Asante here from the TechMuzeAcademy with another video quick tip. This one comes again from another forum member and the question is a real simple one. So, its going to be short and sweet today.

“Yes, I’m about to buy a usb audio interface. I haven’t decided which yet but that doesn’t matter for now. I already have a midi usb interface which ofcourse connects directly to the computer via usb. My question is this – If I use a usb audio interface will I still be able to use my midi interface at the same time? Or do I have to buy an audio interface that has midi ports on it? Thank you very much.”

Well, it’s a simple answer. Yes, they will both work simultaneously. In your DAW as most DAW do. DAW for those who don’t know is digital audio workstation. It’s just a short form. It will actually detect any midi ports coming into the computer whether they be usb or whether they be built into your audio interface and will also detect any audio inputs connected to your computer as well. If you have more than one audio device, you will have to specify which device you want to work inside your digital audio work station. But once you’ve done that, it should detect both audio analog inputs and outputs as well your midi ports regardless of whether they are on your interface or on a external device, another separate usb audio interface.  So, hopefully that helps and again that was a real simple one. But I thought you know what, the question was asked and I had the answer so I figure I will share that with you.

Just before we wrap it up for today, I wanted to draw some attention to some people who have left me some excellent feedback. And so, I think every so often when they come in, I like to give credit where credit is due and say thanks for the positve and kind feedback. This one comes from a subscriber name Dabin Lamming and I hope I’m pronouncing that right. I apologize if I’m not. And he says…first of all he left a 5-star review which I definitely appreciate and he goes on to say this,

“Intensely awesome! I think you hit the nail on the head with the suggestion that right from the start you need to begin to try to understand what a mix is, the elements of the mix and what are you trying to achieve in the end. Only then will you able to properly implement the tools you are provided without being totally bewildered as to whether or not you are improving your mix as you go. A lot of little things click as I watch your first 4 videos and I’m really hoping that I can make the enrollment before it goes up. The emotional movement aspect was definitely an Aha! moment. I would create the tracks bearing in mind that I need to keep it dynamic and diverse to retain the interest of any listeners but disregarded the fact that I must apply that on a larger scale to the whole mix with the same type of criticism for interestingness. Thanks Dezz!

And I appreciate that kind of feedback. I’m really, really glad that you have gotten something of benefit out of the course For those of you who don’t know or haven’t already done so, head to now, throw your email on the email list and I will send you via email the “3 Simple Steps To Amazing Home Recording” video series that was refered to in this 5-star review. Until next time, enjoy and happy mixing!

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