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I just wanted to take a moment to express to you how incredibly thankful I am to have you in the TechMuze community. I started this journey a few years ago as a way to help more DIY musicians like yourself to better understand their craft and to ultimately make better music.

You see, I work in the recording department at Long & McQuade music (Canada’s largest music retailer) and my days are jam packed with folks like yourself coming in with questions upon questions about gear, techniques, studio design, music theory, software recommendations…. The list goes on.

So, I decided to answer these question publicly and the TechMuze Podcast was born. Since then, I’ve received the most heart warming emails and Facebook messages from folks like you and let me tell you, it makes my day each and every time! TechMuze has turned from a simple podcast into a full blown community! 

Without people like you listening to the podcast, watching the videos and sending me your thoughts I probably would have given it up by now. Thank You!!

I’d like to give back a little in the spirit of Thanksgiving this weekend. I’ve prepared a short video message for you. Please take just a few minutes to have a look. I promise you won’t regret it!

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