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We all could use some free VST plugins… right? Well, there are free VST plugins out there but often times you get what you pay for. In this quick tip I want to show you some TOP SECRET places online where you can get some heavy duty discounts on premium (and usually expensive) VST plugins. Even though software is typically significantly cheaper than hardware, the costs can still add up before you know it.

Watch this video to learn how to (legally) save massive amounts of money on your next VST plugin purchase.

If you know of any other sources for discounts (and please don’t say “The Pirate Bay”), leave a comment!

Free VST Plugins….Almost!

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Hi guys! Dezz Asante here again from the TechMuzeAcademy with another quick tip for you. Today I want to divulge the secret locations of the internet where you can find free or next to free VST Plugins to add to your tool chest so to speak. These are legitimate legal resources. I’m not talking about being a pirate because I don’t necessarily advocate that. If you use a tool, I believe you should pay for it. I believe we’ve all been there before. I’ve downloaded things for free in the past as well. But I really feel that you should make an effort to send the developers what is due to them if you are using a tool that they’ve spent time creating for you. Okay!

So, here’s a few methods that you can …where you can get some plugins for virtually free in some cases or heavily, heavily discounted in others. So, let’s jump right into it. Let me put my web browser and what we have are a few different locations, secret locations where you can find some of the best deals online.

The first one I’m going to talk about is the KVR forum. Now, KVR is a discussion forum for all things, audio and sort of music production related and its a great forum in general. So if you haven’t…if you’re not familiar with it, by all means head over there and just poke around and get lost in the information. But they do have one thread called the Bargain Centre. And if you do a Google search for KVR Bargain Centre you will be taken to this thread. And this is just a discussion thread where the only thing allowed to be discuss is the best bargains and discounts and deals on audio software around the internet right now.
So, when you have some time head on over to KVR Bargain Centre thread and scrolled down and see if there’s anything in here that is useful to you and see what kind of hefty discount that you can get legitimately on those products.

The other one I wanted to point out is from They have a section of their site called No-Brainers. And they literally are no-brainer. These are deals that are so good that they don’t last very long. And as you can see most of what you see on the page right now is already sold out. So, this is a page you’re going to want to bookmark and just check back on every so often to see if there’s any new no-brainers out there.These are selling …I mean things like…we’re getting things like selling at 80% off, we’re getting things you know ridiculous, ridiculous prices like that. For example here $20 normally $200, truly insane is not an understatement. So, these is the no-brainer’s portion of, another great resource that you have to sort of stay on top of because the deals that show up here do not last long. Okay!

And another spot is They have a section here on their website where they are offering… where they’re basically representing some of their deals on line, you know 50% off here, $200 selling for $99 there etc. So, some of them are not as attractive but some of them are very, very good. So, this is another spot to sort of keep your eye on and that’s Okay!

Fourthly, we have the WavesUniverse which is They have their specials page as well.
And they will be letting you know … of course they deal with waves plugins, excellent audio and brainworks of course primarily but as you might have guess waves is where they spend a lot of time focusing. They have…they list all the different vouchers, all the different plugin discounts and so on that are available. So, is another great place to look.

And last but not least, we have Deals4Musicians, and they have a little bargain centre here too. So, they’re listing a lot of sort of software synths, VST instruments, sample packs and libraries, things of that nature, all very good discounts 20%, 50%, you know. A lot of them are in that neighbourhood, 93% off, if you’re interested in the BBE sonic maximizer, $9 no-brainer, 93% off. Again, right here, 93% off. So, once again, this is deals for the the number
And there are just 5 of my favourite resources where you can find free or next to free deals legitimately on your next plugin purchases.

So, I hope you find that useful and we’ll see you on the next quick tip.

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