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Dave Rose

Fascinating! This is brilliant, Dezz.

I’ve been struggling for so long with a hit-and-miss approach, and not really succeeding in finding new people who might be interested in my music.

But this is an actual strategy!! Full of really great ideas. I’ve used Aweber in the past, back when I was an NLP and hypnosis trainer, but I hadn’t thought of using it for my music (I know, it’s not such a leap, right!). So I know they are worth using.

But the rest of this is new to me. And very exciting.

I’ve got to say, too, though that your approach is totally natural and genuine, Dezz. I’ve learned so much from you on the MixLessons course, and the reason I even started on that course was because of your sincerity, combined with your bucket-loads of helpful information.

Thanks for this video, Dezz. I clearly still have so much to learn.

The lookalike audience thing blows my mind!

And I had no idea you could use Facebook like that!!

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