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When I started mixing (about 17 years ago) I remember how daunting the whole ordeal used to feel. There was so much mystery and confusion around what I needed to do to make this collection of tracks sound like a single, cohesive musical experience. Of course, as time passed and I started to learn how to use the mixers tools to shape and process my audio, some of the mystery faded and I began to see that one could actually mix with purpose instead of turning knobs and hoping for the best!

But, it wasn’t until later that I discovered the secret I’d been missing all that time. The secret that stopped me from mixing in circles. The secret that made mixing easy! Upon the arrival of this epiphany I was finally able to breeze through my mixes and get to the fun part much much quicker.

Watch the video and become a member of this secret society of “those in the know” and if this is the first time you’ve considered this valuable idea… slap yourself in the head! (As I did when I learned this!)

Dirty Little Secret To Make Mixing Easy

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